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Touring Fork vs Racing Fork

On my P38 I purchased the "touring fork" with the Vbrake option. It works great and I think I will like it for use with the 406 wheels. Does anyone know if a 451 wheel will fit in this fork. I am guessing not, but was just curious.

Hi Tom,

The ISO 451 wheel will not fit, or at least it will not fit in the various Lightning forks I have seen.

If you want to use a 451 front wheel, Power On Cycling sells an aluminum fork with a long 1" threadless steer tube that can be used with a 451 wheel. The fork they sell is about $60, is fairly light weight, and has V-brake studs located for a 406 wheel. The fork comes unpainted. You will need to cobble together a solution to the brake problem if you want to use the larger 451 wheel with this fork. Paul Moto Lite BMX V-brakes will work, but they are very expensive. You could likely kludge together a solution if you are a do-it-yourself kind of rider.

I think you were wise to get your Lightning bike with the touring style fork. It weighs a few more ounces than the unicrown racing style fork, but gives you far more options for different tires.

I like to keep my options open.

Safe riding,

thanks Joel for that information; I really like the way the bike handles with the 406 wheel; just curious. Us bentriders can't leave well enough alone!!

On the subject of a fork, I have just purchased a P-38 clone and one thing I notice is the front of the bike is quite heavy so I am considering a change in the fork. I haven't explored the options yet so just throwing this out there given the thread.

The bike is disc equipped so I am guessing a aluminium fork is more likely my option or has anyone seen any carbon ones around? Has anyone have experience with running a aluminium or carbon fork on a P-38?


Hi Andrew,

I would leave well enough alone and ride your new clone bike as it is.

Switching out forks can be tricky. You need to consider:

1) Is the steerer tube diameter 1" or 1 & 1/8"? Or even something really oddball like 1 & 1/4"?
2) Is the headset threaded (old school) or threadless?
3) Is the fork steerer tube long enough to fit the head tube of the bike?
4) Will the fork crown shape and size create a chain interference problem?
5) Will the geometry of the fork (trail, rake) change the handling quality of the bike in an undesirable way?

Any weight savings you get by going to a somewhat lighter aluminum or carbon fork are unlikely to mean anything in real-world riding.

Your clone bike is new to you. Ride it the way it is. Only start tinkering with it after you have thousands of miles of experience on it. Of course, you should adjust it so that it fits you properly. That kind of tinkering is mandatory.

Safe riding,

Hi Joel. Having slept on the idea I am going to do as you suggest ... put some kilometres in (metric world here :) ) and then re-look at it after a good 1,000 to 2,000 km if it is still a thought bubble.

It was just a thought given the thread. Have other issues to worry about first ... seat bag, handlebar, mudguards and dynamo light (in process).



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