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Fully loaded touring

I am thinking of buying a P-38 and using it for fully loaded touring as well as recreational riding. I have been riding an upright touring bike and have a nice set of Arkel panniers. Does anyone have any experience touring with fully loaded panniers on a P-38? Would my panniers work on the P-38? Here is a link to the type of panniers I have:

I haven't loaded my P-38 Voyager with full weight on a long tour, but I have used it for some commuting with Lightning panniers, and it works very well. With different bags, you could probably make some adjustments and ride fine.

I put most of my working miles on my Lightning Phantom with Lightning panniers, and I usually ride with a full load, plus the electric motor and battery, and it's worked fine for over 3,000 miles.

There is a fun tour listed at
by Mr. and Mrs. Huff who took P-38 bikes with Rohloff hubs.


Hello John,

I have no experience with Arkel panniers. Looking at the pictures, they would seem to fit on the back of a Lightning bike without problems. But ask Tim Brummer at Lightning first.

One little tip for Lightning tourists: if you must use a Bob trailer or something similar, avoid going down hills at high speed. You can get in serious trouble.

Safe riding,
Joel Dickman


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