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My New/Used P-38

Well, here she is in all of her glory. My used P-38!! I washed and waxed her today, and although she has a bit of paint wear, she is good to go!

Not sure why there is no logo on the bike...kind of weird. I will head to the shop tomorrow to get adjustments on the boom and chain, and front deraillur and should be ready for a maiden voyage.

I did ride her in the driveway, and what a blast! Can't wait to tackle some hills out here!


Hi Lisa,

Saw the pictures of your new ride, and it looks like a winner. The bike has the little adjustable seat mounting piece that slides up and down in the seat stays, so the frame must be late nineties or newer. The frame should have the beefed up areas that my antique P-38 frames lack, so it ought to be very durable.

I would not worry about the lack of Lightning logos. Some people just peel them off the frame in order to ride "sotto voce". I have done this myself. Just don't like logos in general.

You may find a serial number on the frame's derailleur hanger. But if the frame has been repainted, the serial number might be covered up. If you can make it out, send an email to Lightning and they can determine the exact vintage.

If you have a 20" ISO 406 front wheel and a skinny tire (Conti Gran Prix or the like), try sticking it into your fork to see if it will fit.

It might fit, and it might not. If it does fit at all, the fit will be VERY TIGHT. No room for fenders, or even a medium width tire. If it fits, you can put a caliper brake on the rear of the fork and use the larger front wheel. You might like it.

I think you made out like a bandit.

Safe riding,


I think I made out quite well. I just measured the tire and it is a 16 inch. The fork space from the tire is about a 1/2 inch...oh my, I would be so psyched if I could fit a 20 inch. I'll ask at the shop tomorrow. It is rather strange that the fork is black.

I finally found out that the knobs by the brakes are to hold the fairing, which is on the way. This will be a great addition during winter rides to stay a bit cozier. I'll get instructions on how to mount that as I have never owned a fairing.

The bike is brillantly designed, very comfortable, I was glad, although I am light weight, to get one of the better braced frames.

Ride report shortly!!



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