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Best of my stable

Six months ago I had a crash and broke my right ankle in 4 places. After the operation, and some time healing, I mounted my Lightning PHANTOM on a magnetic resistance trainer, and rode it for about 4 weeks. I have now taken all of my bikes; 3 recumbents and a road bike for rides. LWB is OK, Tadpole trike is pretty good, road bike is fine. But my PHANTOM is by far the BEST. Quiet, fast, superb handling, climbs as well as the road bike. The crash was simply hors de combat. The recovery was interesting; getting on the PHANTOM sublime.

Sorry to hear of your crash, but glad you have recovered. If you tell us exactly how it happened, maybe other riders could benefit from your experience and avoid the same thing. Especially the surgery!

About the Phantom: I agree that is it a very nice bike, with excellent comfort, handling, and practicality. If you can climb as well on the Phantom as you can on your road bike, I would say you are unusual. Maybe extremely unusual. When the hills are steep and/or long, I think most recumbent riders are at a disadvantage compared to equally fit riders on traditional road bikes, even if total weights are equal. The "crunch" position of the Lightnings is better than other recumbents for climbing and sprinting, but somehow the roadies are able to recruit more core and upper body muscle groups when climbing. They can also shift body position more, and emphasize some muscles while giving others a rest.

The strong suit of the long wheelbase bikes is the smooth ride. This is the main thing for many - perhaps most - recumbent people.

Trikes are like human-powered go-karts, and riders tend to either love them or hate them. Because they do not lean into turns like bikes, they have a totally different riding "feel". Of course, if you have a balance problem they are wonderful.

I have been riding a Phantom around the Chicago area for many years, and think it has most of the overall ride quality of the more celebrated P-38 at a much friendlier price. So I share your enthusiasm.

Safe riding,
Joel Dickman

I've been riding my phantom for a year& 1/2 moving up from a burley jett creek. I climb short hill amazing my road bike fellow riders. The sweetest riding bike I ever owned. Iam 69 and feel like a kid on my phantom. DOUG DANIELE

Doug, I notice we are about the same age - with similar experience vs riding partners and their DF bikes. When I get to the cafe, I almost always have to wait for them.


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