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Cyclometer for P-38

I am going to pick up my P-38 this February and I want to get a cyclometer before I do. I currently have a Sigma B506 which I am happy with but I will need to purchase the longer mount for the P-38 handlebar.

After looking at bikelizabeth's website I noticed that she mounts her cyclometer on the frame in front of the handlebar stem. Does anyone else do this? If so do you need specific brand of cyclometer? Can you recommend one? I would prefer not to be staring at my cyclometer when I ride, but having the total mileage would be useful, especially on tours.


I also mount my cyclometer behind the riser. I sawed off a piece of a PVC riser for my sprinkler system, drilled a hole through the diameter of each end, and secured it to the frame just behind the steering riser using zip ties. Then I mounted the cyclometer to the piece of PVC. My meter is a Cateye Mity 8, and its cable is just the right length to mount the speed sensor on the stay next to the back wheel.


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