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suntour xc/shimano xt/17"

When was the last time the P-38 had a Suntour XC crank, an XT shimano rear derailer and an 8 speed cassette with the 17" front wheel. Some people I have been talking to really think that the 17 should stay on the bike. I have never ridden it before, so what does everyone think. I commute and tour.
Thamks Bill

6'1" 200# 45" x seam

My guess is that your bike dates from the early nineties. It is hard to be sure without eyeballing it though.

With a 45" ex-seam, you would probably be better off with a 20" (ISO 406) front wheel. This is the wheel used on BMX bikes. It will give you a smoother ride and a much wider selection of readily available tires than the 17" wheel/tire.

But it will mean getting a 20" fork from Lightning in addition to the new wheel and tire.

The 17" (ISO 369) wheel and tire are oddballs, even by recumbent standards.

Safe riding,


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