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Fenders and rear rack for a P-38

I have owned my P-38 for about three years now and so far I have added no rack or fenders to it. Now, I am considering putting fenders and a rear rack for panniers on. Any recommendations for fenders and rear rack that will work well on a P-38 will be greatly appreciated!

I like the Blackburn Expedition rack, and the various knock-offs of it. Sometimes Nashbar has them at low prices. Other racks should be OK too. Attach to the seat stays with the small C-clamp pieces included with the rack.

Planet Bike fenders work well and are low priced. You can also get them in smaller sizes for recumbent front wheels.

Make sure everything is attached securely to avoid unwanted noises and potentially more serious problems.

Safe riding,

I have a Tubus Cargo rack which I modified to fit the P38. By cutting off the forward ends it fits nicely to the P38 frame. Though now I am wondering what is the best way to attach it to the seat stays.

Has anyone attached the rack rails to the inside of the seat stays using longer bolts to clamp the seat in place and then using nuts on the inside to secure the rack to the seat stay bolts? It seems like a good way to do it though I worry that the bolts will bend under load and I will be unable to get them off the bicycle.

Surprisingly I have been unable to find p-clamps in this country.


Hi Joseph,

Because the Lightning bikes do not have braze-on attachment points for racks, you have to get a little creative to adapt existing racks to fit. If you cannot find any of the seat stay adapting pieces (sometimes called C-clamps or P-clamps), perhaps you can fashion your own.

Get some aluminum bar stock - or thin steel would be OK - and first bend to the right shape. Then drill holes for nuts and bolts, and then cut to size.

I am surprised that you are having trouble getting the ready-made pieces though. They are the kind of thing any bike shop should have lying around.

Perhaps I have not understood your attachment problem, as I am not familiar with the Tubus rack. Attaching the rack somehow to longer seat bolts should work too. If the longer bolt threads were damaged above the point where they are inserted into the seat stays, it should not make it hard to remove them.

Safe riding,

I think I will first try to follow your advice and fashion my own clamps. I live in Korea and the 4 main bicycle shops in town don't sell racks, nor do the two large hardware stores in my town have the clamps as well. Touring bicycles in Korea are pretty rare, the guys here are strictly mountain bikers with the occasionaly roadie. But is has given my an idea to go to one of the older bike shops that sells the more common lower end bikes used by the local farmers. He may have something of use.

As for the mounting I mentioned. I was going to clamp the seat on the seat stay as normal with longer bolts. I would then mount the rack rails on the inside, attached to the bolt threads that protrude on the inside of the seat stay clamps. So if these threads are stripped or bent it would be difficult to unthread the bolt back through the clamp. I hope this is clear.

Anyhow thanks for the advice and I will post a photo of my bicycle in the future for your site.



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