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New P38 Seat Fabric Design Available

FYI - Tim over at Lightning said that the new seat fabric used on the Phantom will also fit on a P-38 seat, with the cost being $90.

The new Phantom seat fabric is a RANS-like slip over design that has just one tie up point on the rear of the seat.

Bob Krzewinski

Hi ya Bob did Tim mention wether the new fabric would hold up as well or better than the original. I push alot commuting up hills.

No, he did not say anything about the quality of the fabric. I guess it would be about the same as the old material. Myself, I just would be glad to have one central point to tighten up the seat. On the old side tightening fabric, it really is maddening at times to keep the tension up. Myself, I have been using zip ties to deal with the problem.

Maddening, indeed. I went to zips a year ago and glad I did. Interestingly, Bryan Ball recommended using 75lb rated zips which I didn't find readily, so I used 50lb rated. Now I'm a big fella, 238, and I have had zero problem with the 50s I'm using.

Mike Brisson


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