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24" forks

I modified my R-84 to take a 24" (520c) front wheel. Had a custom ti disc brake fork made by Spicer, 265mm axle to crown. The steering is still very quick. Without resorting to another custom fork, does anyone know of a brand of disc fork measuring 275-285mm axle to crown?

I have looked at "mod" trials forks, and cyclocross forks, but most seem to exceed 300mm axle-to-crown.

Hi Soul (Peter?),

Short of getting another custom-made fork, maybe you could have a disc brake mount brazed on to an existing 24" fork. You probably already have thought of doing this. It would cost less than getting an entirely new fork made from scratch. But I presume you would want a fork with the exact geometry needed to slow down the handling on your bike. The fork would have to be beefy enough to take the added stress of the disc brake. And the R-84 uses a 1 & 1/4" diameter steerer tube, which is unususal. This makes finding an adaptable fork very tricky.

A company called Terry makes road bikes intended for women that use 24" forks. Bacchetta is making bikes with ISO 520 wheels now. There must be some others too. I do not think any of these use 1 & 1/4" steerer tubes though.

By the way, there is a picture of your bike poached from the internet a ways down in the gallery area of this site. There is no link to the gallery right now, but you can get there by going to:

If you could write something up about how and why you modified your R-84 bike, I am sure others would be curious. Are you happy with the bike now, other than the overly-quick steering? Have you had any problems with the bike? How does the bike compare to other recumbents you have experience with?

Many Lightning fans admire the R-84. I am one of them. So please provide us with all the details about your bike and the changes you have made, for good and/or ill.
And good luck with your unique bike.

Safe riding,
Joel Dickman

The R-84 front wheel is a Velocity Fusion 520c rim with 20 spokes on a White Industries hub. Avid disc brake with 180mm ti rotor. The increase in head angle was well tolerated by the design, and added a bit of stability over the 20" wheel. The body position is a bit more aero, with the seat angle also reclining slightly more, and the bb height increased. I have yet to install a fairing.
The steering effect is still *Lightning-quick* due to 15mm of fork rake, translating to about the same trail as with the 20". Also a better bump compliance with the larger wheel, even foregoing the stock elastomer-suspension fork. As suggested in the first post, I'm interested in an even milder head angle, as there are no seat height issues.

The R-84 is unusual in using a fork with a 1&1/4" steerer tube. I do not know of other recumbent bikes using this size steerer. One way of using somebody else's 1&1/8" fork would be to use spacers inside the bike's head tube that reduce the diameter the right amount. I think these are a standard item.

Just a thought.

Safe riding,


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