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Rear Light Mount For F-40

With the cool weather here in Michigan, I ride my F-40 quite a bit over the winter (but still a lot less than during the summer), with some rides going into the late afternoon and early evening.

For lighting I use a 15 watt helmet mounted headlamp, and also a Cateye HL-EL220 mounted on a TerraCycle accessory mount mounted on the front fairing boom and shining out the front fairing window.

I was sort of perplexed on what to do for the rear lighting but solved the problem by buying a Minoura Swing Grim light mounting stick. I have mounted it on the rear top fairing framework (right behind the top seat tube), right in the center (you just need a to build up the mounting with rubber strips). It fits snug, but not too tight, so I can "retract" the whole Swing Grip backwards during the day so it fits under the fairing cloth. At night I just swing it up and attached to the Swing Grip are two Cateye TL-LD610 rear tail lights. At night, I can still pretty much zip up the rear fairing cloth.

A photo of the Swing Grip can be seen at

but if you are going to buy one, please do so through your local bike shop (it might have to be special ordered).

Bob Krzewinski

Neat idea Bob.

How is the rebuild from your accident going? I got the photos of your bike damage, but I didn't know how much damage you had!

How are you doing? Ready to ride?

Waterloo, IA
F-40 since 2001.
Vison R-84 tandem since 2000.
WhizWheelz Sport, flaming orange, since 2007. Plus a few DFs, Mtn, & 1960s classics.


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