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Separate & Specific Forum Area For F-40, P-38, Phantom/Stealth???

I know this list is not the busiest in the world, but it would be nice to have a separate subject area for the P-38, another for the F-40, and one more for the Phantom/Stealth. That way somebody that had a model-specific question/comment could go right to an area for that bike.

Hello Bob,

As you note yourself, this site has not exactly set the cycling world on fire. It just barely limps along. So changing the forum categories to reflect the different Lightning models is not likely to change things much. (Which is not to say that the way the forum is now organized is optimal.)

Maybe Lightning enthusiasts are too busy riding their bikes to spend much time on the internet.

Safe riding,
Joel Dickman

I read the site regularly. I just check for recent posts. Looking forward to Bryan's review of the R-84.

When I saw a posting on therecumbentblog today about this site, I excitedly checked in and tried to join. I got a message saying there was already someone on with my username and email address.


Apparently I joined up a year ago and then forgot.

Is there a way to set up a feed so that if there are new messages, I'll get an alert?

Mike Brisson

There will be even less traffic on the blog, as winter slowwwly ends, and spring weather allows us to get back outside.

Tis better to tinker in the bike shop than to type on the keyboard. :)

I have used up my first economy size tub of Mother's alloy polish this winter on a bunch of old Schwinns and kickback hubs.

Time to get the tires pumped up on the DFs I ride in the slush and snow. Got in a 20 mile ride 2 weeks ago when it reached 29 degrees here.

Waterloo, IA
F-40 since 2001.
Vison R-84 tandem since 2000.
WhizWheelz Sport, flaming orange, since 2007. Plus a few DFs, Mtn, & 1960s classics.


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