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New Lightning Lowracer

Yep, you heard me right! I just got an email from Tim confirming that a lowracer is being tweeked. Go to youtube and you will see it there. One sweet looking ride!

For a number of years Lightning has sold low racer bikes made by Bram Moens' Dutch recumbent company M5, with some modifications.

The bike in the YouTube video is one of these Dutch M5 bikes, with some changes made and Lightning logos attached.

Is the bike you have in mind another M5 import, or is is being made from scratch here in the United States by Lightning?

I am not a big low racer fan myself. I think they are accidents waiting for an opportunity to happen in urban traffic. But they are great fun on a race track or a multiple use path.

Safe riding,
Joel Dickman


I agree, lowracers can be dangerous. I was HOPING the seat height might be more of a midracer, perhaps 18 inches or so. I used to have a tandem trike, and although it was ten feet long, cars still couldn't see us sometimes!

Tim won't reveal any of the details,but from the video, it does look like true lowracer.

Update! Tim just emailed me and he is producing a midracer!!!


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