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Transporting my lightning

When mounting my lightning on my roof rack, do I have to remove seat assy. or will it handle the wind at 70 mph down the highway??? DOUG DANIELE

Hi Doug,

I would ask Tim Brummer about this. Maybe a plastic bag over the seat back would prevent it from becoming a dead insect collector. I also remember reading that highway speeds can sometimes blow the grease out of bike headset bearings.

Safe riding,

Thanks. I had no idea that the headset/bearings could be messed up by the wind, but I can see why. I actually bought a Honda Element for my everyday transportation so that I could put the P-38 and/or my BikeE in the back, no matter what the weather. That way, its always with me and I'm ready for a ride. I recently put a flip-stem on my P-38 so that I could more easily load/unload the bike with the seat still attached.


Does anybody have experience with hitch-mounted rear racks for transporting Lightnings?

When I had a SUV with a trailer hit I got some 1 inch stock, crossed bolted it to 2 inch stock, made a post and was able to secure it. Works well. DOUG

I remove the seat on long trips, but keep the seat on for short trips in town. The seat would be a BIG bug catcher in central California.

I also put some painting masking tape on the fork and stays to keep the bugs off. Good point, Joel, about the headset, I'll tape the headset when on the freeway.

I have a Voyager, but only put the bike in the suitcase when on a long trip or when taking the train or flying.


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