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replacing phantom seat pad

My Phantom seat fabric and foam cushion is getting in poor shape. Is there a way to upgrade it?? My bike is a 2009. Doug daniele

Hey Doug,

You must really ride your Phantom a lot of miles to wear out the seat mesh in just two years. I generally get a much longer amount of time out the seat meshes on my bikes.

I think Lightning sells seat meshes in three different styles: the R84 mesh has grommets going around the top of the mesh, rather than a pocket that slips over the seat frame top. This makes it easy to thread Camelback straps and the like through the back of the seat.

The original P38 mesh has the pocket on top. The back of the pocket part of the mesh will help make you more visible from the rear if it is brightly colored.

The newest style mesh - shown on the Lightning website on the Phantom - is attached to the seat frame differently than the older P38 mesh. I think this newer style mesh makes it easier to keep the seat mesh tension high. Keeping the seat mesh tension up helps prevent you from pushing a loose mesh back against the wheel. This can cause burn-through.

Some Lightning riders replace the original foam with a Thermarest inflatable seat cushion. Just make sure you get the correct size cushion. You can adjust the feel of the cushion by changing the inflation.

Lighting can sell you a replacement mesh. Tell them the exact measurements of the old one needing replacement, so they can send you a new one that fits your seat frame properly.

Safe riding,


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