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A sidecar attached to a Lightning Phantom recumbent bike

I have a severely disabled kid that I help take care of, and cannot go off for a bike ride when I need to keep an eye on him. After seeing an old WWII movie featuring motorcycles with sidecars, a lightbulb turned on above my head. Why not a sidecar for a recumbent bike? I could combine fun rides for my kid - Andreas - with a good work-out for myself.

I contacted Tim Brummer of Lightning about the idea, and he said he had a plan for how it might be done. He designed and built the thing, and my child and I have been having great riding adventures all around our neighborhood.

There are some pictures of the sidecar and bike, together with Andreas, towards the very bottom of the gallery area of this site.

The sidecar is very stable and confidence-inspiring as long as I have my passenger tucked away inside it. I have to take turns fairly wide, but the handling is predictable and fun.

Tim Brummer's original design called for a plastic bathtub to be used as the sidecar body. I changed the design a little bit by substituting a Coroplast body for the bathtub. Brad Teubner contributed the bright orange nosecone.

I just want to give a big THANKS to Tim and the gang at Lightning, and to Brad too. The project took some time to come together, but the very high number of smiles-per-hour on my child's face when riding make it well worth it.

As you might guess, it is a good exercise for me too. I feel like I'm flying when I get back on a single bike!

Safe riding,


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