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WTD XL P-38 frameset

I’m just putting out some feelers to see if anything turns up...

I’m looking for a P-38 frameset, probably an XL. My X-seam is about 44.5” when measured using the method described on the website, so I think the XL might be a better choice than a Large.

I’d prefer a newer frameset, just to get the later modifications including the web joining the two top rails. I’d also want it to be in good condition in terms of straightness and rust, although I wouldn’t mind if it needed a respray.

My intention is to build it up and use it for training over the winter, and then buy an F-40 fairing next spring or summer. To that end, it would be useful if the boom had the F-40 tab. Nice to have, but not essential would be the rear disc tab, and the suspension fork.

I’d also consider a complete bike, and even F-40 parts.

I’m in the UK, so would need the frameset to be packed, and either shipped or made available for collection by a courier.

Please email me (deejayen at ovi dot com) if you have anything you think may be of interest to me.


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