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Non spoke wheel

I just bought a pre 1996 P-38 and I wanted to upgrade it. One of the first things that I wanted to do is to replace the back wheel with a one piece non spoke wheel. Are there reasonably priced wheels out there ($200-$300). Your help and advice would be very much appreciated

Rod C

Hello Rod,

I think that Lightning can sell you wheel covers for your rear wheel that will make it just about as aero as a rear disc, but at a major savings. There are other wheel covers available too.

If you absolutely have to have a solid disc rear wheel, the least expensive is likely made by an outfit called Renn Multisport. A new one goes for $800. They used to be considerably cheaper, and used ones show up on eBay for $200 or $300 sometimes.

In terms of pure speed increase bang for the buck, you are better off getting the little Lightning Zzipper fairing that mounts on your handlebar instead of a pricey aero rear wheel.

Let us know what you decide to get, and how it works for you.

Safe riding,


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