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P-38 New Owner Modifications

P-38 New Owner Modifications
I drove to Lompoc June 16, to pick up my new yellow
P-38. I ordered it with the performance wheels, caliper brakes, 175mm cranks and Phantom seat mesh (Thanks Joel for the suggestion).
I like the way the bike rode but I wanted to make a few modifications.I thought the brakes were a bit weak and I didn’t like the way the cable was led to the front caliper and hung up the brake at times. There’s not much to choose from as I needed to find a set of brakes with a 57mm reach. I put in a set of Shimano R650’s and Shimano R770 brake levers. I used a 90 degree noodle and removed the brake adjusting nut on the front caliper to give it a better lead and more clearance.Right away the stopping power dramatically improved. Also the brakes have a better, more modulated feel.
The next modifiation was to the handlebars. I felt they were too high and close in. I chose a On-One Mungo handle bar. I mounted it on a RANS B27 stem, facing forward with 6 inchs cut off the bottom. Now my arms are at a more relaxed angle plus the swoopy looking bars look pretty cool.
I’m not a big fan of bar end shifters so I mounted them on a pair of Paul Thumbies near the break levers. Big ergo improvement.
The last mod was a German rear view mirror from Rivendell.
I’m waiting for a set of Schwalbe Durano to arrive.
Happy trails,

Hi Howard,

Hope the new bike is working well for you. If you could take some clear, close-up pictures, especially of what you did to the front brake, I think other riders would like to see.

Send me something and I will put it in the picture gallery.

Safe riding,

I've sent you some close up photos of the front brake and handlebars.
Please post them in the photo gallery.


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