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Got my new P38 with Contiental ulta race 700x 23 tires on Velocity Uriel rims. After just 100 or so miles got 2 flats,( Fine punctures ) Any advice for a more puncture resistent tire. I ride avreage paved roads. DOUG DANIELE

Hi Doug,

There is a trade-off between flat resistance and speediness. The most flat-resistant tires - the Schwalbe Marathon Plus - will often allow you to ride for years without a single flat! But they are heavy, thick, and will not let you go as fast as the tires you have now.

The Schwalbe Marathon Plus is wonderful for people who use their bikes to commute to work, or who ride in hostile winter weather, or who tour in areas with lots of goathead thorns, glass shards, and the like. But probably not the right tire for your P-38, which you use more for fun and fitness riding.

Continental makes a tire called the Sport Touring (or something like that) and a few other tires that are very flat-resistant, but not as big and heavy as the Marathon Plus. These Conti tires - and a few others they make - may be a good compromise between ultimate flat resistance and super skinny fragile racing tires.

Specialized used to make a tire called the Armadillo that was reputed to be flat resistant, though I have not used them myself. I do not know if they are still being produced.

If you visit the Schwalbe website, they have a lot of information about the different tires they make, detailing flat resistance, speediness, and the like. Schwalbe tires are more expensive than most other bike tires, but I think that they are probably worth the extra money.

Safe riding,

I have been running Continental GP4000s on the back and Continental GP 406-28 on the front for about 3 months. These tires are light and easy to fit. So far no punctures in over 1000km on my various bikes. My LBS raves about them.

I've had good luck with Continental Gatorskins. For a 23mm tire I use a 28mm tube. Are you inflating the tires properly?


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