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FS: 3M Diamond Grade Conspicuity Tape / Reflective Sheeting

I have a lot of 3M diamond grade conspicuity tape / reflective sheeting that is left over from a personal project. This stuff is widely considered the gold standard in reflective safety material, and gets used on school buses, emergency vehicles, trucks and the like. It is a very cheap way to attract the eyeballs of motorists, and thus can help you remain alive when cycling on the streets.

My tape is a bright golden yellow color, and is 3M part number 981-71. Excellent for visibility in both night and day. You cut the tape to size, peel the plastic off the adhesive backing, and just stick it on. No batteries to worry about.

I will send you two square feet of the tape in four 6" x 12" pieces for $13, and I will cover the cost of postage. This is plenty of tape, enough to do multiple bikes / trikes or whatever you want to make visually conspicuous. I still have a substantial amount of tape, so if you want some, email me. There will likely be enough to go around.

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