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dirt cheap aero wheel discs from Cabela's

If you go to the Cabela's website and type SUPER MAG WHEEL into the search box, you will pull up a description of a set of black plastic wheel covers intended to work with a 20" ISO 406 sized wheel.

The good news: the covers cost $8.44 per pair. That is, $8.44 per wheel plus shipping and (sometimes) sales tax. Ordinarily they sell the things for $30 a pair.

The bad news: these wheel covers are reputed to be heavy. Not like Garrie-Hill crafted carbon fiber wheel discs. And Cabela's is back-ordered on them, so you may have to wait two months or more before they arrive at your door.

These wheel discs are intended to be fitted to a cart used by hunters to drag dead animals out of the forest. They are constructed to be robust, not light.

It might be possible to use them as molds to create something more light, like the Garrie Hill wheel discs.

Safe riding,
Joel Dickman


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