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marathon plus and planet bike fenders

with the planet bike fenders on my DF when i tried to change to 25 armadillos = no go. slight rub. even tried flaring the attachment fitting.

i'd like to buy some marathon plus for the P-38 when it comes out of the shop. i am installing planet bike fenders. anybody tried this combo?


I do not remember exactly how I have mounted fenders on my various bikes, but it often calls for a little bit of creativity with a tin snips and a bunch of zipties. Cutting and bending of the fender is often necessary, and attaching the modified fender to the bike in non-standard ways happens too. Hence the zipties, duct tape, wads of chewing gum etc. in my tool box.

Clearances can get tight on the rear, so the fatter Schwalbe tires may not fit properly no matter how creative you get. If you buy the rear tire from your local shop, make sure they will take it back if you cannot squeeze everything in.

I think the Marathon Plus is available in the 700x28 size, and that should be OK.

Safe riding,

Hi Joel,

thanks. the plus is the only marathon i can find that comes in 25 too. frankly i was surprised the other set up didn't work. but thinking about it those PB fenders are pretty narrow to fit the road bike fork. i think the PB fenders I bought from Bob/Lightning are wider. hope so.


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