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406 fork dimension question.

I only have a small window of opportunity & tax return money to buy stuff for the new/old P-38. I'd like to go ahead and buy a 20 inch fork now for later use if i want to switch. Jim over on BROL has one and says the following:

"I just sold a 406mm 1" threaded fork with canti-pivots, 175mm steerer tube with 100mm threaded area, and I have one more hanging from the parts wall."

Joel has specified a 1 inch threaded tube and I'd like to know if the other criteria will work, i.e. 175mm steerer tube with 100mm threaded area.

thanks in advance everyone.


175mm is about seven inches long. You will need a fork with a steerer tube that is a little bit longer, more like seven and a half or eight inches long to be safe.

So I would not buy the fork. Close, but no cigar, as they say in the carny world.

Safe riding,

I appreciate it. my bike should be done friday--of course i work F-Sun so won't be able to pick it up till monday. i went by yesterday to check on progress. they did removed the old shifters, but i didn't get to talk to the guy who is working on it.



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