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2010 Phantom FOR SALE

Large frame - Delivered new to me 12/25/2010 by Tim Brunner. Velocity wheels, Continental Sport Contact Tires. Smaller seat. Shimano 105 Crankset (triple).Estimated mileage 1,000 miles. Super to excellent condition. Shimano SPD XT pedals. Asking $1,250. (661) 703-2808 or 7:00 AM TO 10:00 PM (Pacific time) Photos upon request.

where are you located. i'd really like to consider buying this and comparing the ride to the P-38. seems like your price might be a bit high though. don't need the pedals and may have to swap out the crankset. just noticed you left a number, i'll give you a call.



I live in Bakersfield, CA. For anyone interested I do have photos available, and will post them here later today. (I have a doctor's appointment and a school function for one of my grandsons this morning)

Could not figure out how to attach a Photo (s). Sorry.

E-mail me and I will send photos.

Sold at a fair price.


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