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chain problem

twice now the chain running back at the top has dropped down and lodged under the front pulley. i can still pedal but the chain rubs against itself, makes a lot of noise and i can shift out of the middle gear.

i think this happens when i back pedal getting ready to start from stopped. any ideas on how to prevent this.

Which model? Can you shoot me a photo of your chain-line (showing both idlers)? Generally Lightning's chain management is as reliable as an anvil.

please send an email address and i will. and will be obliged

I found some trouble in back peddling at a stop also. It turned out that I was not fully in gear. The solution was to make sure I switched gears well
before the stop and

make sure I cycled the crank forward a couple revolutions before the stop to make sure everything was aligned. I know, real basic stuff. However, for some reason I was not doing this and had symptoms like you describe.


Just a couple thoughts as I've never had this happen on a Lightning bike. I'm assuming this is a P38 or older Phantom. The new Phantoms have a tensioner system, the P38's do not.

1) what cog on the cassette(rear gear cluster)are you starting out in? Should be upper or middle third.(bigger cogs rather than smaller)

2) you said you can't shift into middle ring when this happens. What ring are you starting out in? Should be Middle ring not granny or big).

3) Make sure the front deralieur isn't rubbing on the chain.

4) if you see the chain rubbing on itself when you start, stop and fix it or don't start till you fix it.

5) make sure the chain isn't longer than it should be.

I've seen this happen after shortening the boom adjustment without shortening the chain to match. The chain has to be the correct length to allow the rear derailleur to maintain tension. If the rear derailleur runs out of travel before it runs out of chain, the "return" chain can sag when you're not pedaling.

Obviously, though, don't shorten the chain so much that you can't shift into your big chainring and big cassette gear. If you run out of chain in this situation, expensive things will break.


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