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Extra Large Lightning P-38 on St. Louis Craigslist $800 or best offer

Someone in Belleville Illinois (a town very close to St. Louis MO) has advertised an extra-large Lightning P-38 for $800 or best offer on the St. Louis Craigslist. Go there and search under the keyword "recumbent" in the bicycles area and you should pull up the notice.

This was mentioned on BROL, and I thought it worthwhile to pass the news on here. I have absolutely no affiliation with the seller and know nothing at all about the bike.

So Caveat Emptor, but it just might be a sweet deal for someone wanting an extra-large size P-38.

Safe riding,

...remains to be seen. I am now the third owner of this pre 1996 vintage XL P-38. It was actually too large for the seller. He had the boom all the way in but, did not have the correct length chain. It was the strangest set up I have seen in quite a while. The front derailleur was prevented from shifting into the small ring leaving only the middle and large rings available plus, the chain was too short to go past large front and middle cog combination in the back. You only had the full rear gearing range while in the middle front ring. The chain measured fine for wear, and the cogs are in good shape, but this fellow simply did not use the bike for anything but flat land commuting. Very strange. The test ride was short as I could barely clear the bars with my knees and I was not comfortable shifting a bike I knew was not adjusted properly. The seller had a number of calls showing interest, I was first in and first out leaving with the Red Rider nestled on the rear rack. Lots of work to do, new cables and housings are in order, new chain since the old one is not power link friendly, you guys know the routine, I will post up about how it goes in the regular section.


I just joined this forum, and this is the second post I read. I didn't check the date, but the price definitely caught my eye (especially so, considering I require an extra-large frame), and I was trying to figure out how to get to St. Louis from southern California. From the sound of it, you know your way around a P-38, so at least it went to a good home.


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