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P-38 wt reduction

I bought my yellow p-38 almost a year ago. I bought it with the performance wheels.
I'd like to take about 3-4 pounds off of the bike.
Some of the mods I'm considering are a light set of wheels and the Lightning carbon crank set, etc.
Anyone gone this route?
What were the wt savings and the components used?

I have a p38 2x10 Velosity wheels , carbon cranks Total weight 22LBS. DOUG DANIELE

Is your front wheel a 405 or 451?
Are you using the Lightning carbon cranks and BB?
What are you using for derailluers?

Hello Gilbert,

Unless you are an unusually skinny rider who participates in hill climbing competitions, you may be disappointed in the real-world benefits of paring a few pounds off your bike.

Having said that, there is another Lightning rider who goes by the name pitaman who has gone to some trouble and expense to lighten up his Lightning. You can scroll through the older posts here and look up the stuff he has posted.

If your pockets are deep, I would start with the Lightning carbon cranks and very light clipless pedals. The Wellgo W41 pedals are pretty light and not too pricey. If you decide to build up a set of super light wheels, the American Classic hubs are worth considering.

But if the terrain where you ride is mostly flat, or is a combination of flat and smaller rolling hills, getting more aero will have a MUCH greater impact on your speed than shedding a few pounds. And a Lightning F40 fairing is the easiest way to do this, though not cheap.

Safe riding,

I live in a very hilly area (Napa Valley) so I'm more interested in shedding wt than adding a fairing.
I was in touch with Velocity and they suggested this wheel set.
I'm 190# and wonder whether the pro version is too light.

The A23 is the newest road wheelset from Velocity. The A23 wheelset partners our newly designed proprietary hub with our A23 rim. The rear hub has offset flanges to provide precise tension, allowing for a symmetric wheel that is stronger and stiffer than a rim laced to a 'traditional' flanged hub; which optimizes power transfer. Using a 23mm wide tire with the A23, you maximize the tubular ride qualities while retaining the convenience of a clincher; increased cornering abilities especially at high speeds without sacrificing rolling resistance makes the A23 wheeset THE set for crits and road races.


Pro Build:

20 spoke radial laced front
24 spoke 2 cross laced rear

Sapim CX Ray spokes and DT alloy nipples


Comp Build:

24 spoke radial laced front
28 spoke 2 cross laced rear

DT Competition double butted spokes and DT brass nipples

Gilbert, I would concur with the comments made here about weight reduction as far as carbon cranks and wheel sets. I've knocked a few pounds off my P38 with some low cost common sense measures.
1) empty your seat bag of everything except: spare tubes, tire levers, hand pump, 4,5,6 mm hex wrenches, patch kit
2) use light weight bottle cages
3) ditch the kick stand
4) 23mm folding bead tires with light weight wheel set
5) frog pedals
6) limit accessories to a mirror, computer, bell
7) no fenders, Teddy Bears, racks, fat tires, etc

I ride in an area wrought with hills so the lighter the P38 the better, for this senior citizen!


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