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Deore hub bearing lub.

I have a phanthom with 5700 miles on it. Do I need to lub. bearings in my hubs??? Deore Hubs. Doug Daniele

Hey Doug-

The more riding you do in the rain, and in sandy / dirty conditions, the more likely it is that grit will manage to penetrate the seals of your bearings and grind them down. If you never ride in the rain, and never encounter dusty / dirty roads, your hubs might be beautifully clean inside, even after 5700 miles.

The only way to find out is to take the hubs apart, clean them up and carefully eyeball them. Once you have done this, you will have to pack the bearings with fresh grease, and adjust the bearing lash. Doing this every so often will extend the life of your bike bearings, and save you some money if you ride a lot.

Which you do.

So it can't hurt to do this, and might help. Likewise the headset bearing, especially the lower race. Dirty water tends to get thrown up and into the headset, wearing it out prematurely. Some people wrap a little strip of old inner tube around the lower headset bearing to try to seal out road gunk.

Safe riding,


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