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Tire brand and size suggestions for arriving P-38

My "new" 2002 P-38 will arrive in less than a week! The tires will need replacement.

The fork is the standard touring fork. I currently ride Durano's on my LWB.....700 x 28 and 406 x 1 1/8. I weigh 220 lbs.

I realize the % of weight distribution will change significantly. I have a 406 Kojak that I am planning to use. Also have a 700 x 32 I plan to use.

Will the 700 fit OK on the rear if I pick up some fenders?
Really appreciate your suggestions!
Cannot wait for the arrival and want all my stuff prepared....
Many thanks!

If you have a caliper brake on the rear, you may not be able to squeeze the 32mm tire and a fender in. There is not much room. Even if you have V-brakes (or older style cantilevers) you may not be able to do this, but you will have a fighting chance.

So probably not, but try it anyway and maybe you will get lucky. It can also depend on the particular 32mm tire you have, and the fender you want to use.

Write back and let us know what you try, and whether or not it works. The Kojak should work fine up front.

If you are willing to tolerate some extra weight, and absolutely HATE flat tires, consider the Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires.

Safe riding,

The bike has V-brakes on it.....XT from 2002. I have a Paul BMX brake I can use on it as well if need be.

Is the Scwhalbe Durano 700 x28 an OK option for me to use on the P-38? I use it on my ER LWB. For some reason, I thought I needed a beefier tire on the SWB?
Thanks Joel!

If you have V-brakes, the Schwalbe Durano tire should fit with room to spare for a fender. You may have to kludge the fender a bit in the area where the V-brake cable goes across though. Good luck with the new-to-you bike.

Safe riding,


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