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P-38 frame differences in 2002 XT vs current models???

I am VERY much looking forward to the arrival of my "new" 2002 P-38 that should arrive via UPS on Monday.

Having read through the archives here, I would really like to learn more about the actual differences between the 2003 frame and the more recent year frames. If anyone has suggestions of websites that may discuss this issue, I would greatly appreciate hearing about them

I noticed one physical difference, a small bar below the seat that I suspect increases frame rigidity? I recall reading about some other internal changes as well.

Do folks notice a difference in the ride between 2002 frames and current frames?

Many thanks!!

Tim Brummer is continually making small refinements in the frame, but to the best of my knowledge there have not been any major changes over the last ten years. Get Tim on the phone to find out about minor ones that may have happened.

The ovalized cross brace between the twin top tubes close to the front of the seat was added to the large and extra-large frames in 1996.

At one time the crankset boom was steel, with a slightly lighter aluminum boom available as an option for more money. Then at a later date - I don't know when - the aluminum crankset boom became standard issue.

The seat frame has changed a bit too. The older seat frames - like yours - have little "horns" poking out of the front of the side rails. The newer seat frames have a rounded bottom, eliminating the horns. I think the idea is to make it easier for height-challenged riders to plant their feet flat on the ground at stops. Seems like an improvement to me, though I have not had the pleasure of resting my butt on the new style seat.

A year or two ago Lightning started using a somewhat different seat mesh on the Phantom. It tightens with grommets on the back, instead of on the sides. I have used the new mesh, and I think it is better than the old one for purposes of maintaining tension. Don't know if the newer style mesh is being used on the P-38 or not.

There may be other changes I do not know of, or cannot think of right now. I do not believe that you would be able to detect any difference in ride "feel" between your 2002 bike and a brand new one if the bikes were set up with the same tires and the like.

Safe riding, and good luck with your new-to-you ride,


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