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P-38 alternative handlebar options for my just arrived bent?

I picked up my 2002 Red P-38 this a.m! I ride an ER LWB and my experience with SWB's has been on a V-Rex/Rocket.

I was looking for SWB excitement/handling/performance and I believe I have found it with this great bike. However, I will need to swap handlebars right away in order to get out and put mileage on my new P-38.

My legs move in too wide of a range when peddling to use the standard P-38 bar. On BROL I found a great posting by Speedracer who changed out to a On-one Mungo handlebar with RANS B27 stem. With pics, it looks like a great option for me.

Like Speedracer, I was thinking about moving the bar ends to Paul Thumbies. My bike came with brake levers with attachments for a small Zzipper fairing that also came with the bike. Hope to use it on another bar as well.

I would greatly appreciate hearing from folks who can recommend some other handlebar setups that are much wider than the standard bar.
MANY thanks!!!

Hi Bob,

The older Lightning bikes have the steering column / riser welded to the drop handlebar, forming a single unit. The newer bikes have the steering column / riser clamp onto a separate handlebar. This allows the rider to adjust the orientation of the handlebar, or substitute an alternative handlebar if the stock one does not suit you. Maybe Lightning could sell you one of the newer style risers. Just make sure it will attach properly to your fork! It seems that Lightning had used more than one attachment method over the years, and mixing and matching components from different years can cause headaches if you do not know what you are doing.

A phone call to Lightning should help you sort this stuff out.

You have previous experience with the RANS short wheelbase recumbents. I think a RANS riser could be used with your Lightning too, either the pivoting style or the rigid one. You would want the RANS that separates the handlebar proper from the steering column / riser. RANS has made one piece units too.

There are probably other options that will work with your 1" fork steerer tube too.

Give us your impressions of the bike after you get it dialed in and do some miles.

Safe riding,

Sorry Joel...

I didn't explain adequately.
My riser is separate from the handlebar.

I am curious as to what bars others have used when needing a wider bar? Also saw some pics of a RANS tweener being used....a totally different approach.

Many thanks!

Can't comment much on the bar, but I know that LCD has sold me just about anything I have asked for. I have Voyager seat on my P-38 and it makes loading and unloading into some situations much easier. I am thinking about a roof rack and know I'll feel better with the top half of the seat "in" the car and not creating extra drag. I also bought the Voyager handlebar attachment and that allows for even more transport options. It also makes for a nice adjustment for cruising along with the handlebars closer than stock. The one bad thing about the adjustable bar was that, at the time, they used a screw that snapped on me (aluminum?) I have not replaced it and went back to stock setup. The unit is out in the garage (somewhere) waiting for me to get around to it again.


Many thanks Carl and Joe....

I spoke to Tim Brummer who was very helpful. He can build the same bar, as wide as I wish. My concern is the splayed hand position that will result. I just got the P-38 and wanted to get it on the road this I found a temporary RANS bar that works for now.

Good to hear about your experience directly from LCD, as this 2002 frame needs a bit of tlc and will need a new seat covering.


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