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Fairing F40

Hello bents,
I`m riding a homemade short recumbent (perhaps like phantom, but more declined seat position (23°), and I`ve got a nosecone for it. I like the fairing concept of the F40 very much, it seems to be the only really practical fairing for two-wheelers, so I would like to add a similar selfmade fairing to my bike. But there are only very few F40`s in Germany and I could not find any pictures of the fairing construction under the cover in the web. Perhaps, if anyone has some photos of the fairing construktion unzipped, please could you send them to my email adress?
Your`s, Michael, Kulmbach/Bavaria, Germany

Hello Michael,

1) If you go about two thirds down the list of gallery pictures, you can find a photo of Wally Kiehler's F40 with the aluminum tube and sailcloth framework exposed. There are hoops extending from the front of the seat and the rear of the seat downward, and a framework of tubing around the rear derailleur. The idea is to keep the Spandex cloth away from your feet, the chain, and the rear derailleur cage. (And, of course, the wheels!)

2) You could copy the Lightning approach, or make something more simple out of Coroplast plastic sheets. "Coroplast" is a trade name for corrugated plastic. It has an internal structure similar to the corrugated cardboard used in packing boxes, and is a cheap and useful material for creating bike fairings. I imagine it is available in Germany, though probably under some other name. I would ask about it at signage shops.

3) There is quite a lot of useful information about fairings and bike construction at the website.

4) If you already have a nosecone for your bike, and a secure way of attaching the nosecone to your frame, you have already accomplished the hardest part of fully fairing your bike. The middle and tail sections should be much easier.

Good luck, and safe riding,
Joel Dickman


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