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Schmidt dynohub on 16" wheel?

If this has been asked before feel free to point me to the right thread(s). I am thinking of buying a Sondelux 20 dynohub and either building up a wheel or have one laced up for me. I have an older p-38 with the 16" (369?) wheel with a "touring" fork crown. Has anyone put a dynohub on one of these small wheels? Are there problems aside from premature wear that are lurking for me?

I do not think I can get a 17" wheel into my fork and a 20" ( either flavor) would require purchase and powder coating or painting. Too, i think the 20" might change the seat angle and boom geometry more than I'd like.


I have a SON Original that was on my commuter/brevet bike. I took that hub and laced it to a 17" (369). Keep in mind that this was the original that is designed for halogen lights and not the 20 or the newer ones that have lower resistance. It could have been in my head, but it felt like there was noticable drag even when my light was on (I use a Lumotec IQ Fly LED) I think that the additional drag is simply due to the smaller wheel diameter and even the no-load drag on the Original hub increases with wheel speed.
I re-laced that hub to my 650 wheel on my Bacchetta. Its very hard to beat the light output and convenience of a dyno hub, however the newer battery based LED's offer some amazing light outputs and battery life. I've had my Schmitt hub since 2004 and never had an issue with it. They are top tier hubs from a durability standpoint.


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