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Bacchetta Dual!!!!

Hi guys I'am a avid p38 rider and had my first dual with a Bacchetta carbon aero 2.0 It sure is a fast bent, but I held my own. Had me up to 24 mph for a while . But I'm sure I surprised him. I'm 71 by the way!!! DOUG DANIELE

Hi Doug,

I hope that I am riding as well as you when I get to be 71! That is very encouraging. Live long and prosper and keep cranking on your Lightning bike. Especially when those pesky Bacchetta riders are giving us a hard time.

My impression is that the recumbent bikes with the laid-back seats - like many of the Bacchettas - have a speed advantage over Lightning bikes with our more upright seats when riding on flat terrain.

I would say that the tables turn when the terrain becomes more hilly though. Then we get the speed advantage.

One way of getting a bit of extra speed is to put the small Zzipper fairing on your Lightning handlebar. That should make the more upright Lightning and the more laid-back Bacchetta bikes pretty close in flatland speed.

Of course, for most of us the speed of the bike is only one factor to consider in picking a ride. Comfort, handling quality, and other practical factors need to be weighed too.

Don't let those carbon bike riders grind you down!

Safe riding,


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