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different seats availability question

Not too long ago my wife tried a used medium frame P-38 locally. She liked the bike, and it fit well, but the owner sold it before She made up her mind.

A few weeks later we purchased another used medium sized P-38, this time on a long distance purchase.

The one we bought turns out to have a slightly different seat from the one She tried locally. The local one, had the seat's front cross member with a slight u shaped bend that went over the frame.
Like this

The one we bought has a straight cross member. Like this one

This makes the seat's front to be higher by 2-3 inches.

Is the seat with the bent cross member available from lightning?


Yes, the seat frame with the curved front tube is available from Lightning. You could switch seats and sell the one you no longer need, and thus recoup part of the cost of the new one. That is the good news. The bad news is that purchasing another seat is likely to be expensive.

The curvy-front style seat should make it easier to plant your feet flat on the ground at stops. I am not sure it will make as dramatic an improvement as you think though.

Good luck,

thanks joel,

I called Lightning, it is available, albeit like you said somewhat expensive. If I do not find a trade or one used, We'll just buy it. It makes a difference for her.


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