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Race cap for F-40?

Is there a link for building/buying a race cap fairing for an F-40?

By a "race cap" I assume you mean a canopy that goes over the rider's head. There is a picture in the gallery area of Tyger Johnson's bike with a homebrew head canopy. Some years ago members of the WISIL HPV group built an oven for purposes of creating fairing canopies made of Lexan plastic. I suspect that Tyger's canopy is one of the WISIL products. To the best of my knowledge, those are not available anymore.

Maybe one of the Zzipper fairings could be adapted for head canopy purposes. I do not know.

I created one many years ago and used it very briefly before discarding it. When I cranked hard the thing fogged up and seemed like a greenhouse. It limited my ability to see around me even when not fogged up. With the right ventilation it might be OK for a race. But it is not the sort of thing I would want to use when riding the streets. Anything at all that compromises my ability to see around me seems foolish.

Some of the velomobiles use canopies that are open in front and on the sides. They consist just of a top. I do not have any experience with this type of canopy. Perhaps it would be better for warm weather riding and visibility on the street. There is a long detailed thread on the site by Rick Wianecki about his homebrew velomobile, and he created a head canopy of this type.

Might be worth looking at.

Safe riding,

Thanks for the links Joel.
You are correct... I did start thinking about race caps after checking out the velomobiles and seeing the Tyger Johnson photo...
I was just looking into options that might aid in winter riding.


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