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Looking for a 16" front wheel

Just bought a sweet Croozer 535 jogging stroller on craigslist. The 20" wheels spin freely but the 16" slows quickly. My spouse pulled the pressed bearings, (no-name wheel), and they looked like nothing he'd ever seen before. I'd like a used, easily serviced wheel.
Thanks, Carolyn

Hi Carol,

16" wheels usually come in two different sizes: the smaller ISO 305 and the larger ISO 349. The numbers measure the diameter of the rim in millimeters at the place where the bead of the tire rests.

I have a new wheel to sell for $60 shipped in the larger ISO 349 size. This is the size used on the smaller Lightning bikes. It has a Shimano RX100 hub with quick release, a Sun L17 rim, and stainless steel spokes laced three cross. It is a very nice wheel, and the hub spins smoothly. It is true. Will throw in a new Kenda tire too, but the tire is nothing to get excited about.

If you are interested, email me at this address:

Safe riding,


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