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WTB P-38 Large Seat Frame

Would like to replace my bent seat frame, seat mesh is not required but negotiable.

Hi Joseph -

Replacing your bent seat frame can be tricky, because the seat brace tube behind the back has to line up correctly with the seat stays. If the brace tube is an inch too high or low, it will not fit properly. Since Lightning has been making the P-38 for thirty years now, the dimensions of the various parts are subject to a range of variation, and this makes combining parts of bikes of different vintages challenging.

I am running into a similar problem with P-38 forks. The older ones had longer steerer tubes than the more recent ones.

I think Ben Fox has a Phantom seat that he is trying to sell, and he posted a note here a few months back. You could very carefully drill holes in the Phantom seat to use it on a P-38, but you would first need to determine that the exact dimensions of the seat frame would let the rear brace line up correctly with the seat stay tubes.

Just curious - how did the seat frame get bent? It would have to be a bad crash to bend it, yes?

Safe riding,


As always thanks for the words of wisdom. I have no idea how the frame got bent, i purchased it used and honestly never noticed it until a few weeks ago. there really is no negative impact to the ride it just looks odd from the front. I have put about 1500 miles on it before I noticed it so obviously its not an issue other than cosmetic. Last week i had a shop tune it up and the owner is a lightning rider himself and told me not to worry about it unless i was concerned with appearance.

After your advice I'll probably just let it it go unless a real good deal on a frame comes my way and i could validate the vintage.


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