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Front Fender For P-38 That Fits?

I have a Schwalbe Kojak 20 x 1.35 tire on the front of my P-38 and need to put on a fender for some extended touring. I have a spare Planet Bike 20" recumbent fender and tried slipping that on but found the fender rubbing everywhere. Has anyone found a different fender that will work on the front of a P-38 with the 1.35 tire?

Yes, I could change the front tire to a smaller size but my experience has been the skinnier the front tire, the more squirrelly the handling gets, so I want to say with a 1.35 tire.

About the only thing I can think of right now is sawing the front of the Planet Bike fender off so it really starts aft of the fork and does not have to pass through the tight gap between the top of the tire and bottom of the fork. Thanks in advance for any help on this.

Hi Bob,

I would ask the same question I posed to you on BROL: what fork are you using? I thought that the unicrown racing style fork did not have enough room for a Kojak, and that the touring fork with the lugged crown had plenty of room for fatter tires and a fender.

Perhaps you have an oddball fork?

Safe riding,

Joel - I have a couple email addresses for you and send four photos of my "problem". If you don't get them, could you shoot me an email at Thanks for any help on this!


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