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Repairing F40 Front Fairing

Last November, I was struck by a hit and run driver on my Lightning F40. The rear of the bike was destoyed, but the front fairing cone came out pretty good with the exception of what looks like three small flexing cracks.

I am rebuilding the F40 (new frameset and rear fairing on the way) but my question is repairing the front fairing. Can I just use some aircraft-grade metal tape inside the fairing, under the cracks, for a good repair? Thanks in advance for any help on this.

Bob Krzewinski

Hi Bob,

I do not know if the metal tape would do a good job. I have repaired my own fiberglass fairing - and a fiberglass seat as well - a number of times with epoxy resin and fiberglass cloth. I purchased small quantities of epoxy resin mix from an outfit in Chicago called Eager Plastics. The mix comes in two parts: you just mix the two liquids together in the right ratio, cut up small pieces of fiberglass cloth, and brush on layers of resin and cloth on the inside of the fairing. You have to work quickly, because the resin mix hardens very quickly. You cannot just walk away for beer, and come back a half hour later. A little bondo on the outside, some rattle-can paint over the bondo, and you are finished.

I have to do this every time I have an intimate encounter with the asphalt. But it is not very hard to do, and seems to work well.

Hope your medical problems after your accident have cleared up.

Safe riding,
Joel Dickman


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