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new phantom stock wheels

hello there!! i am new to your forum and have a question. i am thinking about getting a new phantom. i am concerned about the alex y-2000 wheels that come on the phantoms. would anyone who has used these, please let me know about their durability, speed, and overall quality (including weight) since i cannot find it on the alex wheel site. their road bike wheels are generally not considerd high quality, but i don't know enough about recumbent wheels to make a decision. thanks in advance!!!

The Phantom comes with Alex Y2000 rims laced to Shimano Deore hubs. I do not have personal experience with these particular wheels, but have used similar stuff.

The Y2000 rims are single-walled, and have no eyelets. They are the sort of rims you will find on less expensive (but decent quality) mountain bikes. Likewise the Shimano Deore hubs. Perfectly functional, but nothing to get exited about. They cannot be particularly light. I prefer wheels with double-walled rims and eyelets. Eyelets make it easier to build the wheels and keep them in true.

Mavic, Velocity, Sun, Alex... they all make a variety of rims in different quality/price levels. The Y2000 is at the lower end of the food chain. The Deore hubs are just below Deore LX in the Shimano group ranking.

I have been riding a Stealth - basically an earlier version of the Phantom - for about eight years, and it is a very nice all-around recumbent bike. I use it for commuting and rainy / snowy weather. The components are not fancy, but the basic design of the bike is excellent. Think of the Phantom as a P-38 for people who don't have deep pockets. If you are a component snob like me, you can replace parts that do not meet your standards as they wear out. Since the bike is so much fun to ride - ordinary parts and all - you may find yourself putting in unexpectedly big miles.

So I would say get the bike in spite of the so-so wheels. Make sure you get the new-style seat mesh. If you do, write back and give us your impressions after you get some saddle time.

Safe riding,


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