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Phantom mid racer mod

Thinking about doing this, anyone already completed it...if so what are your thoughts????




Hi Joseph,

I have not done the midracer modification on my Phantom, and have never tried out the newer Lightning carbon fiber seat.

Though I have a lot of miles on a P-38 that I adapted a hardshell seat to. In a nutshell 1) the hardshell seat is not as comfy as the original full mesh seat, especially in hot and humid weather. 2) With a Ventisit seat pad, my hardshell seat is still decently comfy, though not up to full mesh standards. 3) Laying the seat back does shrink your frontal area and will help you go faster on the flats and downhills. 4) I think the more upright seat position of the full mesh seat is superior for climbing hills and sprinting. 5) Height challenged riders will find it easier to get their feet planted flat on the ground when using a hardshell seat.

Hopefully someone with real experience of the Lightning carbon fiber seat will respond. My hardshell seat is fiberglass.

Safe riding,


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