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2008 phantom rear dropouts

hey experts!!!! my new phantom will have 135mm rear dropouts. is it possible to use a 700c rear wheel with 130mm size? i know tims tech page says a 700c wheel will fit in the phantom, but i assume its with the rear dropouts set at the same as the 700c wheel. i would like to try a 9 speed topolino rear wheel (i have) for the rear wheel, if i can get it too fit.

I have never tried doing this. Phantom chainstays are kind of beefy, so I do not know if you could get them to compress 2.5mm on each side by just clamping down on a quick release skewer.

If you have access to a Phantom at a shop close by, or know someone close who owns one, it could not hurt to try. Might be just fine.

One bit of friendly but unsolicited advice: since you are the kind of cyclist who fancies Topolino wheels, maybe you should be looking at the P-38 (or the carbon fiber R-84) instead of the Phantom. (Then again, perhaps a wealthy uncle donated the expensive ultralight wheel to you.)

If you do experiment with the 130mm rear wheel, please report back to us with your results, for good or ill.

Safe riding,
Joel Dickman


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