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Frame bag Suggestions


I am chasing suggestions for a framebag or similar that fits a P-38 nicely. I am thinking something along the lines of the FastBack NorBack. Is this the best option? Other suggestions?


Hi Andrew,

There are lots of bags intended to be attached to the frame tubes of ordinary upright bikes. Unlike the larger bags that can be fitted to the back of a recumbent seat, most of these bags have very little room inside. Just enough for a wallet, some keys, and a few extra things.

A fanny pack worn around your waist holds about the same amount of stuff as some of the smaller frame bags. And it travels with you when you are off the bike too.

So how are you liking your Lightning bike clone? How does it compare with your other bikes? Still glad you got it?

Imitation is the sincerest flattery.

Safe riding,

Thanks Joel. Loving the LoGo P-38 but now I have seen on the LCD Facebook the yellow R-84 with what looks like a P-38 riding position and I am hooked. If it is a P-38 riding position (not mid-racer) I want one! :)

Oh I have a RANS B-37 bar for my P-38 ready to get fitted. Just waiting for a set of SRAM 9speed Double Tap Shifters to arrive. Testing with Shimano trigger shifters showed I should have knee clearance so should be all good and nice and ergonomic. Looking forward to the upgrade.


Hi again Andrew,

I have no riding experience with the carbon fiber R84 bike, though I did see one up close at a bike show many years back. It is available with either the more upright mesh seat, or the more laid-back carbon fiber seat. Your choice. The bike is a few pounds lighter than the P-38, and it has both front and rear suspension for a smoother ride. I think the seat is a little bit lower in height than the P-38 too. And naturally much more expensive.

I ride in a pretty flat area, so the lighter weight of the carbon bike really would not do much for me. Though the front and rear suspension would be great.

There are a few riders who have experience with both the P-38 and the R84: Ben Fox, Wally Kiehler, and others. You could likely correspond with them for more information.

Glad the clone bike is working out for you too.

Safe riding,
Joel Dickman

I repurposed the larger top-tube bag sold by EO Gear,, that I used to use on my upright, for my P38. I have it on the steerer tube close to the bars. It's great for small things. I especially use it for spare battery back for my Garmin on long rides, and snacks, phone etc.

Thanks for the suggestion. That is similar to the Topeak one I have now. WHat I was looking for was something a bit bigger for my camera and phone mainly. I think I have found the solution , a Vaude bag. Just need to get one now :)


I have attached a couple of pictures (
The one ahead of the head tube is the EOgear bag which I use on my high racer. The one behind the head tube is the Norback Frame pack. Both can be used with the P38.

I, too, am looking for a bag that will hang from the frame. Ideally the bag would attach to lowest frame tube. It would carry a mini-pump, multi-tool, and tubes. Something like the FastBack NorBack Frame Pack (which is too wide for the lowest frame tube)...

I forgot to mention that I have a seat bag that would hold more than I need. But I would like to put the weight lower on the bike. The top of the seat is the highest point on the bike. Great to put bulky items like a light jacket. But I want the heavy stuff down low on the frame.


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