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Ventisit Pad on a P38

Has anyone used a ventisit pad on a P38? I replaced the foam pad on mine with a Thermarest pad, but it does not breathe very well. I was considering using a Ventisit pad either inside or on top of the seat pocket.

Any thoughts on where these could be purchased in the right square sizes?



I use a Ventisit pad on one of my Lightning bikes, but it is on top of a hardshell style seat, not the orginal mesh seat. It works very well with the hardshell seats and is worth the cost to keep my sweat evaporating. The other foam pads I have tried were not to my liking.

On the Lightning full mesh seat I have tried the Therm-a-rest cushion, the original piece of foam, and no cushion at all. Never tried a square piece of Ventisit, so cannot advise you. I did not know that it was available in a rectangular shape to fit the mesh seat bottom.

As usual, there is no good way to find out if it will be comfortable for you without a personal experiment. Which usually means buying the thing. If the problem is that your butt gets too warm and sweaty with the Therm-a-rest and the original foam, give the Ventisit a try.

Have you tried using the seat with no cushion at all? Some riders like this option best.

Safe riding,

I am happy on a seat with no cushion but as Joel says, it really is a personal choice.


Can anyone let me know the length and width of the charcoal pad to order? Or maybe the size of the original Lightning pad that comes from Lightning on a P38.

Hi Frank,

I just took a ruler to the original foam pad that goes in the seat pocket on the bottom of my Lightning mesh seat. It measures 15 and one half inches wide, ten inches deep, and one inch thick. The corners are rounded off a bit to fit into the pocket of the seat mesh properly.

Hope this helps.

Safe riding,

This is the product I use; nothing else I have used compares. Easily cut with a serrated knife. Well worth the price:-)

What thickness of foam do you like?

I use the 2", as do some of the highracer guys I ride with. My leg never touches the front of the seat frame :-)

Do you trim the pad like the original one that comes with the P38? Or do you just use a rectangular 2" foam piece? The original on my P38 is two 1" thick pieces that are glued together...


I rounded the corners a bit. Just kept whittling on it with a bread knife until it fit the sleeve pretty well. Straight cuts work best, you just cut three narrow wedges from each corner to roughly round it. You just don't want to put excess strain on the stitching that holds the fabric sleeve to the mesh.

I have two P38s with this material. One I ride off road on two track, single track and loose railroad bed. This foam is a lifesaver. It feels odd at first, you sit up a little higher (you can see better) and it really protects you on bad pavement.

I purchased my 2007 P38 new from a Lightning dealer that had it in inventory too long. Started riding it in 2009. Used the stock foam seat for several months then switched to a Thermarest pad. It has worked pretty well until I had to replace the mesh this year. Since then I have not been able to get very comfortable and after 30 minutes of seat time I often get recombutt.

The charcoal foam seems like a solution. What is the size of rectangle that you get?


I do use the ventisit in the summer in the seat pocket and it works well. I use the thermarest in the winter.


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