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R-84 problems galore

Well last year I bought an R-84 2 X 10 Velocity thru Amlings Bike Shop in Niles , IL. So far this bike has been plagued with problems that I have been able to fix. Sunday was a beautiful day to ride & I went 19 miles before the Non Drive Crank Arm became free swinging ! Lucky I was on flat ground because I was clipped in to my pedals & was able to unclip without any problems. I am going over the Carbon Crank Installation guide to learn how to fix this problem.
Before this happened my SRAM derailer needed adjustment so a YouTube video got me educated on the finer details to tune the rear derailer. Before this my Velocity rims were causing rear tire flats every 6 miles ( 6 in all ) before I found a a high rough spot on one of the spoke holes that was covered with a Velocity plug plus rim tape not totally covering the area. My R-84 has been a high maintenance headache so far with less than 600 miles put on the bike. When its problem free its a great ride. So far those days are few. Thinking back to my Stealth in 14 years of solid riding , that bike was very reliable. My R-84 is the opposite !

Now my R-84 sits in the garage & more work ahead of me that I'm really not experienced with cranks. Especially carbon cranks with splines. Anybody with a R-84 experience a Non Drive Arm free swinging problem ? PS Went to the Lightning website so I'm educating myself on installation of the carbon crank ( I have the Road 110 Spyder with 7075 chainrings ). Looks like a 36mm spanner wrench might be needed for this to be fixed.

Have you asked Amlings for help with the problems? Did they succeed in making things better? Good luck getting the various issues ironed out, and let us know what happens. It is not unusual to have teething problems with a new bike, but it sounds like you have had more than your fair share. Especially with the pricey carbon crankset. Why the non-drive side arm would become loose is a mystery to me. I thought the two crank arms locked together in the middle with a splined bottom bracket tube of some kind... but I could be wrong.

Safe riding,
Joel Dickman

Hi Joel ;
Just thought I'd update this post after many months of down time.
Did not want to drive up to Amlings to get the free spinning crank fixed because I have a new car that is without a hitch right now ( 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata Club ). So I tried my 36mm spanner wrench on the carbon crank & it did not fit properly. That led me to my trusted local bike shop & after talking it over let them fix the crank problem. The rear Velocity rim continued to give me flats after getting the crank fixed. So I removed the 1/4 rim tape & used 1/2 inch rim tape to cover all the rough edged spoke holes around the whole inner rim. Every hole has a Velocity plug but the edges were still sharp enough to puncture the inner tube with the 100 psi that I run on the back tire. The R-84 is now giving me great trouble free rides that I expected from the start. Too long for a bike costing this much to get all the problems solved. I know its a custom bike but I expected much less wrench time on this bike. Its seat & suspended Carbon Fiber frame ride give the R-84 significant weight improvement / comfort over my Stealth. I'm thinking the problems are behind me & blue skies ahead !

Glad to hear that the bike problems have been fixed, and that you are getting good rides in. If it is any consolation to you, I have had problems in the past with getting the right width rim tape for my various wheels, and having mysterious flats as a consequence. I never tried the plastic plugs though. Traditional Velox rim tape works well, but you have to get those pesky holes properly covered up while still allowing room for the tire bead to seat properly within the rim. With bikes, little things like getting the right rim tape can cause big problems. I think that in the aviation world a plane that spends lots of time being repaired - instead of flying - is called a "hanger queen." Hope you are enjoying your bike now, and that it continues working properly.

Safe riding,
Joel DIckman


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