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Which Car Rack for P-38?

(I have ordered a P-38 but have not received it, yet.)

Currently, I have a 1UPUSA single carrier rack. However, I suspect that the arm (that secures the 20" wheel) will interfere with the boom and crankset. The arms cannot be shorted to account for this.

I drive a small Honda Civic with a 1.25: receiver hitch. It is the smallest class and will not accommodate 2" racks.

Does anyone have a recommendation?

Hank Easterling (Omaha, Nebraska)

Hello Hank,

I do not have anything useful to say about this, not being a rack user. Tim Brummer and the people at Lightning must have some good answers though. Call them on the phone.
And good luck with your bike.

Safe riding,
Joel Dickman

I am able to use this rack on my Lightning Phantom II. Originally, I planned to hacksaw off the arms at an appropriate spot for my 20" front wheel. Then I ordered the attachment they sell for narrow tires. It allows you to contact the wheel at a slightly lower spot. Once I put it all together - I found the arm width would clear the chainring. I put a couple of short pieces of foam pipe insulation on the end of the arms to prevent any contact and it works great. Avoiding cutting the arms keeps the rack free to be adjusted to a larger wheel bike if ever necessary. This is the best rack I've ever owned.

Hi Hank, Glad to see a post! I used a Curt18086 or lookalike on my 02 civic. Worked great, also on my corolla and CRV however I did find the rear bike would drag the front tyre (406) over extreme curbs. I solved that with a 2"x4" block shaped to straddle the tubes of the wheel hoop so that it raised the small wheel.

Thanks for the kind replies.

Hi Hank ;
I went thru this problem on my Stealth. I found that having a U-Haul place install a hitch then buying a Thule Double track works great for both my Lightning recumbents. The R-84 I bought recently also fits fine no mods needed & it a very cool system as it folds up out of the way plus it has a lock so security is also great ! Cost of install / buying the setup / hitch should be less than $500.00. My car has a Hidden Hitch which is aka Draw Tite also.

I went ahead and cut one of the arms on my 1UPUSA rack. I plan on hauling this bike around (a lot).


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