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Mirror, kickstand for F-40

Just wondering if someone has suggestions for mounting mirrors, and how to keep an F-40 standing. Looking at "Click-Stand", and I know I can mount a Mirrycle through the fairing, but it's not very aerodynamic.

Hi Skin-

Some riders take little pieces of foam and carve rounded nosecones that get attached to the front of their rear view mirrors. Kind of a mini-fairing. I think this is more hassle that it is worth, but it cannot hurt. I am fond of rear view mirrors that attach to the side pieces of my eyeglasses. Used a product called Third Eye in the past, but they kept breaking prematurely. Flimsy plastic construction. Now I use a mirror called TAKE A LOOK made by an outfit named Bike Peddler. These look extremely flimsy, but are actually pretty robust. Go to eBay and type in BIKE and EYEGLASS and MIRROR and you can find something similar to the TAKE A LOOK for $2.65 shipped from China. The Chinese workers who make these likely live on fetid water and a handful of rice grains.

I have no good advice about kickstands, since I do not use them myself. If you ask Tim Brummer at Lightning, he will probably have a good idea or two.

Skin is useful. It keeps water in, and bad microbes out.

Safe riding,
Joel Dickman
These three prevent most accidents: seeing, being seen, & (usually) common sense.

I like the ESGE two legged stand for my P38. balances well enough to remove either wheel. Find em on Ebay.


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