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Transporting my P-38

I am buying a P-38 and have to drive 350 miles to pick it up. I currently have a 2 bike Sportrack similar to this.
I have read many of the questions on this forum but have not found the answer to my question. Will the type of rack I have hold my bike or is the center bar to close or the seat? Would the seat need to be removed to have it work?
I found a Saris rack that implies it works on recumbents as it supports the wheels differently.
Any thoughts out there as to how others move their bikes?

Hello Ed -

The standard P38 mesh seat is sixteen inches wide. A large P38 has a wheelbase that is pretty close to 47 inches (with some variation over the years). The seat is positioned pretty close to the middle of the bike's wheelbase, and the side rail that might bump against the middle rack post runs around sixteen inches long. Looking at the picture you posted, my best guess is that you will have to remove the seat to get the bike into the rack. But that is just an eyeball estimate. Suggestion: bring along a set of allen wrenches so that you can remove the seat if need be. Maybe you will not need to use them. But I am betting that you will. Good luck with the new bike, and ride safely.

Joel Dickman
These three prevent most accidents: seeing, being seen, & (usually) common sense.

Thanks Joel..still looking at other options...not sure how well the top clamp will work on the bike though.

I use a similar rack to transport 2 P38s without issue. I did cut 2 blocks of 2x4 and notched them (resembling an H) to straddle the carrier loops to raise the front 20" wheels. The bikes clear each other and the center post facing both directions.

Would love to see a picture of the blocks and how you have them set up on the rack if possible?

It is adjustable, but I had to cut one of the keep it from conflicting with the boom. But shorter versions of the bike might not have to do this. Just clamps onto the tires without touching the frame.


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