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Love my stealth, but have hand numbness. Would drop handlebars help? I think these are called v type, that are on the bike.

Hi Revolver,

Lightning bikes usually come with what are called "drop" handlebars. These are the funny-looking bars that gently curve downwards toward the ground. Sometimes they have flat handlebars, more or less like a mountain bike bar. I think that these two options are available from the shop in Lompoc. In addition, some riders experiment with other style handlebars. Some people like the type of handlebars used on Bacchetta bikes, the bars that place your knees behind the handlebar. Different riders, different preferences.

One advantage of the drop style bars is that it allows multiple hand positions. If your hands start feeling numb or tingly, you can move them from the top area to the curves, or from the curves to the drops. Moving your hands around often helps with numbness or discomfort. The flat style handlebar does not offer as many different hand positions: you are limited to moving your hands inward (closer the stem) or outward. But the hand orientation remains pretty much the same.

If you have the flat style bar, you might experiment with adding mountain bike bar-ends to the bar. These can be found very cheaply on eBay. Maybe they will help, by giving you an extra hand position.

Sometimes padded gloves can help. Keep trying different things until something works for you. And please let us know what works and what does not.

Safe riding,
Joel Dickman

Thanks for the suggestions. As it is dead of winter I’ve only been able to ride 100miles on the stealth. The first 25 miles was as fast as my best time on my Catrike! At 30 lbs. the lightning is a little heavy ( 3 lbs. lighter than trike though ) and the components work but not in the class of Catrike. The seat clamp slipped of course but I screwed it where I want it. I seriously wonder if I’ll get back on the trike at all. So ... I’ll put some miles on the stealth... but then do I fix it up or consider phantom or $3700 for p-38?
My imagination runs wild while I wait for trails to clear. Thanks again.

I have a lot of miles on various Lightning bikes. I would say that for most riders, the Stealth (now called the Phantom) is an excellent choice. It gives you the best bang for the buck. Spending more money on a P38 gives you a lighter-weight hand-made frame and nicer quality components. It is a bike for the connoisseur of fine cycling machines. But the basic ride quality is really much the same as the Stealth/Phantom. Which is what you would expect, given that they share the same seat and frame geometry.

Of course, you only live once, and if you have the money to spare, why not get the nicer bike?

Safe riding,


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